Many companies in Saxony are looking for support to meet the staffing challenges arising from (digital) structural change. Questions which are increasingly coming up include:

  • How can a company successfully fill vacancies and find trainees?
  • How can a company improve its employer branding and raise staff satisfaction?
  • Are there ways to lastingly retain employees?
  • Parenting, care, on-the job CPD: are there solutions to help employees with these questions and problems?
  • How can older employees’ expertise be put to better use for younger staff?
  • How can employees be kept healthy and motivated in the long term?


The good news is that there are programmes providing tips and support with all these questions, enabling SMEs to find HR management solutions. In-company advice and coaching sessions offer rapid assistance. 

The SMWA’s SME Directive

The Saxon SME Directive provides support for business consultancy and coaching services on questions of business management. Examples include strategies for filling vacancies and finding apprentices, internal knowledge transfer or employee health promotion. The aim of the measure always lies in becoming more attractive as an employer and thus lastingly improving staff retention.

SMWA's SME Directive (Mittelstandsrichtlinie)

European Structural Funds in Saxony

The European Union’s Structural Funds help offset regional economic differences within the EU. The Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Social Fund (ESF) both provide funding in Saxony. The ERDF focuses on promoting research, technological development and innovation. The goal is to make SMEs more competitive, support investment in energy efficiency and environmentally friendly modes of transport in an effort to mitigate climate change, fund flood control measures and sustainably develop disadvantaged city districts. This benefits Saxony’s companies, municipalities, research institutions, schools and institutes of higher education. ESF funding concentrates on education, VET, high-quality long-term employment, social inclusion and fighting poverty and discrimination.