Skilled workers looking for a job in the Bautzen district receive extensive support. They can get in touch with suitable employers, for example, via the funded "Wachstumsregion Dresden" (Dresden, a fast-growing region) jobs board: the Bautzen district has a direct border with Dresden.

"Servicestelle Heimat" and "Wachstumsregion Dresden" offer job-seekers and returnees help in contacting new employers or the authorities, and provide a comprehensive, well-managed network of partners to meet every need. There are lots of chances in this "land of opportunities": all you have to do is go looking for them.

What does the Bautzen district offer employees?

Job-seekers in the state capital Dresden can look around in the Bautzen district – and vice versa. The two regions work closely together on the “Wachstumsregion Dresden” (Dresden, a fast-growing region) online portal, which lists the latest job advertisements, training placements etc. and is also used by the Bautzen district authorities.

Every year, straight after Christmas, the Bautzen district authorities organise the highly popular "wiederda" ("back again") regional fair for returnees. This date was chosen especially because many people return to their old homeland after the Christmas holidays to visit relatives.

Both "Wachstumsregion Dresden" and "Servicestelle Heimat", the central points of contact for people interested in returning to the Bautzen district, are for everyone, including people who were not born in the region: after all, you soon feel at home here, anyway.

What does the Bautzen district offer employers?

Cooperation with Wachstumsregion Dresden ("Dresden, a fast-growing region") is important and rewarding for companies in the Bautzen district, too.

The district authorities work with the Bautzen Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Dresden Chamber of Trade and the Bautzen district trades guild to run the "wiederda" fair for returnees. Through the Bautzen skilled labour alliance, they also support the "Wachstumsregion Dresden" job portal, on which companies can find skilled workers looking for jobs.

The Bautzen skilled labour alliance provides intensive funding for initiatives, especially in the trades. Highly promising projects in the electrical industry include the course "Ausbildung mit Spannung" ("Training that’s electric"), with an electronics camp in Bautzen; "Handwerk mobil" ("Mobile trades") and "Handwerk im Film" ("The trades on film"), which involves the Bautzen district trades guild presenting selected trades and their training prospects in the region's cinemas, as short image films.

The "in-ku-BA-tor" business lab offers a practical training concept for skilled workers and managers. The measures developed can be booked with companies via the project sponsor, and are intended to enable those in research, teaching and practice to share their experiences and skills.

What does the Bautzen district offer in terms of schools and studying?

Four working groups are committed to connecting schools in the Bautzen district with local companies. School competitions and projects address children as young as Year 5 and increase their awareness of their future career. Regular events and career fairs are held where young people can connect with future employers even before they finish training, and explore their career opportunities.

The "Wachstumsregion Dresden" ("Dresden, a fast-growing region") job portal also lists training placements and jobs for schoolchildren and students.

At the careers markets in Kamenz and Bautzen, the Hoyerswerda training fair and the central "Zukunftsnavi" information day, regional enterprises present themselves, advertise available training placements and offer job-seekers a free CV check. One particular highlight is the "Bautzen Late Shift", a bus tour of Bautzen's business parks, where regional companies present themselves to the curious and to potential skilled workers.

Another scheme for young people in the Bautzen and Dresden area is "Schau rein" ("Take a look!"), Saxony’s biggest careers guidance initiative with its own magazine, social media accounts and regular events such as the Open Business Week.

The KASUDAB project, run by SLAS w. V. in Kamenz, is specifically aimed at student dropouts, trying to gain their interest in dual theoretical and practical training in SMEs in the Bautzen district. They, too, are driven out by bus to visit potential employers looking for just such skilled workers.

Photo credits: TMGS/Fouad Vollmer Werbeagentur, Tourismusverband Lausitzer Seenland/Nada Quenze, Töpferei Neukirch/Markus Balkow