The Saxon Skilled Labour Directive has been in force since 12 April 2016. To date, in all the Saxon regions, 312 projects with a total approved sum of 16.4 million euros have been funded by 13 regional skilled labour alliances.


In addition, nearly €20 million in support has been provided by labour market mentors and the Youth Employment Agency, a project to strengthen social skills, especially among trainees. 

On 30 April 2019, the amendment to the Saxon Skilled Labour Directive was adopted, promising Saxony’s regions continued funding over the coming years to maintain a sufficient supply of skilled workers. "I am delighted that, thanks to this directive, we have been able to improve the regions’ structure and launch projects throughout Saxony. This amendment takes us up a level, meaning that we can attend to the regions’ demand for further professionalisation and quality assurance", commented Martin Dulig, Minister of Economic Affairs and Labour. (Press release on amendment)