With the help of a committee of experts from Dresden Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dresden Chamber of Trade and the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB), among others, companies, players in the public sector and the State of Saxony support people who work in Dresden, or intend to move there to work. This support goes well beyond advice and information: all kinds of cooperative ventures and projects are promoted for companies and skilled workers. The skilled labour alliance always has an open ear for every enquiry, passing people on to the relevant service.

What does Dresden offer employees?

Dresden offers employees all kinds of opportunities. The business world and sciences are flourishing, and companies are always on the lookout for skilled workers. Though Dresden has the highest number of people in employment since German reunification, it is still not enough. Education providers from primary schools to universities are working, along with Dresden’s research institutions, to train much-needed new workers for Dresden’s companies and attract them as potential employees.

The City of Dresden’s website provides young trainees, new city residents and other interested visitors with all the information they need to find a home, live and work in Dresden – from childcare, schools and leisure activities to a job portal.

What does Dresden offer employers?

Within the framework of the Skilled Labour Directive issued by the Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport, the City of Dresden’s skilled labour alliance develops action plans for securing skilled workers and evaluates funding applications by project organisers in this field.

The aim is to present Dresden’s companies throughout the region, Germany and the world as attractive employers with flexible working conditions, good pay and interesting jobs; to target potential skilled workers and retain them as employees in the long term.

Fortunately, this task is made much easier due to the fact that Dresden is one of the best and loveliest cities to live in in eastern Germany (or, as some even say, the whole world!).

What does Dresden offer in terms of schools and studying?

With its twelve institutes of higher education and universities of cooperative education, and more than 47,000 students in all, Dresden is a university city par excellence – in fact, TU Dresden has even been named a “University of Excellence”. This means that eastern Germany’s most important university city has huge innovative potential with its well-trained young professionals, who it is hoped will ideally stay in the region in the long term.

Photo credits: Mediaserver Dresden, Tomy Heyduck, Jürgen Lösel