The cradle of Saxon car manufacturing has turned into Europe’s most cutting-edge electric car factory. 
In every sector, high-calibre companies compete to attract well-qualified skilled workers and innovative minds. Anyone looking for top-class jobs and career opportunities receives a warm welcome to the Zwickau rural district. Skilled workers are sought not just by prestigious industry giants, but also by the district’s 14,000 start-ups and small and medium-sized trade businesses and enterprises.

The region between the Mulde Valley and the Ore Mountains impresses job-seekers and employers alike with its high-calibre potential for innovation and research, and the functioning networks that enable them to find international connections, do CPD and carve out a career. 

What does the Zwickau rural district offer employees?

The skilled labour alliance for the Zwickau rural district, “Runder Tisch Fachkräftesicherung” (“Round Table on Securing Skilled Workers”) prioritises employee development. Workers who are well-qualified are also equipped to confidently play a role in their company.

Specific projects are being developed for employees to meet the challenges of the future, revolving around qualifications, leadership culture or HR management. People who have left the district and wish to return can find out about new career opportunities on the Zwickau region website. The welcome centre advises and supports anyone interested in the topic; they can quickly come into direct contact with potential employers.

Project presentation


“Active and attractive: MIM Werdau” – model integration project


Lack of skilled workers in the region


“Active and attractive: MIM Werdau” – model integration project


To support labour market integration


“Active and attractive: MIM Werdau” – model integration project


Introductory support and language courses; job application training; information for companies


“Active and attractive: MIM Werdau” – model integration project


active participation; jobs found; follow-up projects launched


“Active and attractive: MIM Werdau” – model integration project


L(i)eben in Werdau!; bsw Bildungswerk der Sächsischen Wirtschaft gGmbH; EUROPEAN homecare


In the Zwickau rural district, even well-qualified skilled workers never stop learning. The vast majority of companies have made the concept of lifelong learning part of their business model, and offer their employees a wide range of schemes for continuing professional development. The Network for Education Advice and CPD (Netzwerk für Bildungsberatung und Weiterbildung) gives anyone interested a good overview of options for training, studying and professional development.

What does the Zwickau rural district offer employers?

Companies benefit most from well-qualified new recruits. In that regard, the Zwickau rural district provides the perfect conditions: its two higher education institutes and nine vocational school centres attract committed young people and keep them in the region. The Research and Knowledge Transfer Centre (FTZ) at the University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau offers companies the opportunity to borrow their scientists’ professional skills for their research projects.

The higher education institutes go even further, using specialist events and forums to introduce company representatives to the latest topics and make them aware of new challenges. Well-chosen best practice examples help them adapt as best possible.

The Round Table on Securing Skilled Workers (Runder Tisch Fachkräftesicherung) is just one example of an established network where various institutions help companies adjust and meet their needs. In the Zwickau rural district, enquiries are swiftly and unbureaucratically directed to the right desk. The Zwickau chamber of the Chemnitz Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) and the Chamber of Trades (HWK) offers companies regular drop-in days when they can find answers to individual questions immediately and directly. A special portal has been set up for business founders and start-ups where they can contact various public institutions in the rural district.

Project presentation

"Returnee exchange"

"Returnee exchange"


Shortage of skilled workers & high commuter rate


"Returnee exchange"


Strengthen entrepreneurial awareness; address returnees


"Returnee exchange"


Job fair on commuter-friendly bridge day; advertising campaign


"Returnee exchange"


Successful mediations confirmed; Rising visitor numbers; 3rd edition


"Returnee exchange"

Project sponsor:

City of Zwickau


Industry also plays a major cultural role in the Zwickau rural district, with more and more of the region’s companies presenting themselves every year to the broad-ranging audience attending the industrial heritage festival. Every September, an industry open day also offers insights into Central Saxon companies’ excellent work and innovative products.

What does the Zwickau rural district offer in terms of schools and studying?

In the Zwickau rural district, young people are given perfect preparation to enter working life. A dense network of vocational school centres and various other school education opportunities help them get good initial qualifications. The courses run at the University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau (WHZ) and the University of Cooperative Education in Glauchau are also deliberately geared towards practice and closely tailored to industry requirements.

Close connections between schools and workplaces help young people enter the world of work. With that in mind, schools, companies and institutions develop specific project ideas together in the regional Schools and Industry working groups. The careers guidance coordination centre (RKO) provides an overview of these schemes and upcoming events. Its annual careers guidance events calendar is extremely practical.

The wide range of training and career opportunities in the Zwickau rural district can be seen at the “SCHAU REIN!” (TAKE A LOOK!) Open Business Week. This series of events involves regional companies introducing themselves to future trainees and employees, hoping to impress them as interesting employers.

It’s clear: pupils in the Zwickau rural district learn for life, not for school.