Leipzig is growing at breathtaking speed into a real metropolis. Young people in particular are drawn to the city. Its excellent infrastructure makes the traditional trade fair city popular among companies, from start-ups in the creative industries to giants such as Amazon, DHL, BMW or Porsche. All major German cities can be reached in just a few hours, making Leipzig the perfect place to be for many employees and employers. 

What does the City of Leipzig’s skilled labour alliance offer employees?

Skilled workers who are interested in the Leipzig region can visit the skilled labour website "Work in Leipzig", an online job exchange with job offers and placements. The site also lists student jobs, traineeships and more from the Leipzig urban area, the city’s rural districts and North Saxony. The skilled labour alliance supports workers at Leipzig companies in the metal and electrical industries by organising a network of employee experts as part of the project "Securing skilled workers during demographic change – demographically sensitive staffing strategies during the digitisation of Leipzig’s metal and electrical industry". This network allows participants to discuss their experience in their companies, using theoretical and practical knowledge transfer to develop best-practice solutions for their businesses which help make them more attractive employers and thus maintain a supply of skilled workers.

What does the City of Leipzig’s skilled labour alliance offer in terms of schools and studying?

The City of Leipzig’s skilled labour alliance also deliberately addresses future employees. In the RobertaRegioZentrum at the University of Applied Sciences (HTWK), teachers can undertake continuing professional development preparing them to run robotics and programming courses. These get children interested in technology and programming in a fun way, introducing them to STEM jobs by means of robotics competitions. Another programme preparing people to start training and helping them find a place is "JOBLINGE Kompass", designed to better integrate young refugees into the labour market.

"Berufsschule aktiv erleben" ("Actively experience vocational school") is a series of events offering schoolchildren, parents and teachers hands-on opportunities to learn about skilled occupations and come into contact with companies taking on trainees, or new vocational schools. The first event focused on occupations in electrical engineering; the second, in 2019, was about jobs in nursing, care and the social sector.

As the city’s biggest higher education institutes, the University of Leipzig and the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences are part of the skilled labour alliance. They continue to support students even after graduation, offering a careers guidance service and helping them launch their career with a special jobs portal.

What does the City of Leipzig’s skilled labour alliance offer employers?

Companies all over Germany need workers – and want to retain their qualified staff. Leipzig’s skilled labour alliance helps companies attract and retain the skilled workers they need by means of various funding schemes. At the same time, the alliance funds projects which lead to forward-looking qualifications preparing for changes in the content of jobs. One project, for example, accompanies students at an early point in their course as they make the transition to international skilled workers and managers in companies. Another project focuses on human-robot interaction. The aim is to develop staff qualification concepts to optimise collaborative work processes. An internet portal has been created for recruiting employees via challenges. Small and medium-sized employers are also sensitised to staffing policies addressing specific life stages.

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