The „Ore Mountains Welcome Center“ sees itself as the first point of contact. It guides immigrants wanting to live and work in the Ore Mountains, mediating with local companies and institutional partners, helping workers arrive and settle down, and helping companies integrate immigrants.

True to the motto "Help people help themselves", the welcome centre provides individual advice, as every situation requires a different solution. Important starting points include getting in touch with relevant authorities, offices and regional contacts, but, depending on individual needs, the centre is also happy to find basic information on topics such as housing, childcare and schools, options for a worker’s partner, or local leisure activities. To this end, the Ore Mountain Business Development Agency (WFE GmbH) works in an open network with various regional partners.

What does the Ore Mountain district offer employees?

The district’s biggest online job board for skilled workers, „Fachkräfteportal Erzgebirge“, lists only regional job offers. The site was launched by WFE GmbH in 2008 and now lists almost 1,100 vacancies at more than 350 companies, plus jobs for schoolchildren, students and budding trainees. Every month, some 33,000 users access the jobs board.

There is intense dialogue between employers and potential employees at the „Ore Mountains Commuter Action Day“.This regional job fair with more than 70 exhibitors in all has taken place in Annaberg-Buchholz and Aue since 2012. Every year, at Christmas, the event brings together potential returnees, commuters and companies in the region. This is a cooperative venture by WFE GmbH, the Ore Mountains regional management office, the Annaberg-Buchholz employment agency, Chemnitz Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Ore Mountains branch and the IGA Aue e.V. industry and trade association.

What does the Ore Mountain district offer employers?

Companies in the Ore Mountains can look forward to a comprehensive marketing service. There are various measures to help them find skilled workers, all guided by the cooperative frame of mind typical of the Ore Mountains.

The project „CSRnetERZ 2.0“ shows entrepreneurs how to invest more than “the obvious” by adopting a global way of thinking. The reward? Motivated staff, an unspoilt environment and good relationships with other stakeholders. That is how entrepreneurs in the Ore Mountains can take on social responsibility.

The project „ERZgesund“ tackles employees’ and employers’ health. It involves a network being established to raise companies’ awareness of corporate health management and healthcare. The project is supported by the Ore Mountains council of economic advisors, whose structure-defining member companies jointly alter the region’s image and implement measures to secure skilled workers.

The „cooperation exchange" for the supply industry, organised by the Chemnitz Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s regional branch, the Ore Mountain district council, WFE GmbH and the Ore Mountains regional management office, is designed to explore other synergies. Every year, more than 110 exhibitors take part in this networking platform for the Ore Mountain district’s industries. Events are held in different locations, with every meeting based on the slogan "Information – Connection – Cooperation".

What does the Ore Mountain district offer in terms of schools and studying?

Each year, schoolchildren wanting to learn an occupation in their native area can attend the training fairs held at four sites in the Ore Mountains. Some 100 exhibitors appear in Annaberg-Buchholz, Aue, Marienberg and Stollberg, attracting a total of 2,500 attendees (schoolchildren and their parents) every year.

The Open Business Week, during which more than 300 companies from all industries open their doors, is just as well-attended. Every year, they accompany around 12,000 schoolchildren and their parents through the careers guidance process.

The SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT working groups are made up of representatives (mostly volunteers) from schools, education authorities, companies, industry associations and economic institutions who are committed to successful cooperation between schools and businesses in the Ore Mountain region and support the implementation of measures. Careers guidance projects are run at selected secondary schools, and advisors offer the young people practical help finding a career.

At the 13 grammar schools in the Ore Mountains, the „Karriere Dual“ project shows schoolchildren the benefits of a dual theoretical and practical degree or training course.

And as young people prefer to find things out in digital form, the online platform offers them comprehensive information on job opportunities in the Ore Mountains, making the option of staying in the region truly attractive!

Picture credits: Mirko Hertel, Wirtschaftsförderung Erzgebirge