Family-friendly, business-friendly, visitor-friendly: that’s how this rural district comes across. Located right by the cities of Leipzig and Halle an der Saale, the region features lovely natural and cultural landscapes. Whether it’s the Neuseenland lake district or Saxony’s “Castle Country”, there are key connections to Saxony, Germany and Europe as a whole. A dense network of motorways, federal roads and rail lines, not to mention the international Leipzig/Halle Airport, connect the region to the world.

Here, it’s easy for companies and workers to look for and find ways to tap potential new opportunities, thanks to the numerous well-established medium-sized companies and world-renowned industry giants that make the most of the region’s assets. 

Here, quality of life is a top priority. Long-time residents and newcomers alike don’t just enjoy the lovely countryside and a quiet life far from the busy city; they also benefit from the very well-developed social infrastructure, various all-day childcare services, all types of schools, a wide variety of cultural institutions, and healthcare organisations. Prospective students can attend the nearby University of Leipzig or Leipzig University of Applied Sciences. More and more people are recognising the advantages of this rural district, and feel at home here.

What does the Leipzig rural district offer employees?

The image campaign “Vom LKL gesucht” (“Wanted by the Leipzig rural district”) is aimed particularly at the regional business world and shows career starters ways of improving their own prospects.
In this campaign, students explore small and medium-sized companies in the district, and get to know the district itself as an attractive business location. Those interested in any of the companies portrayed can contact them directly. The companies, too, benefit from the scheme: they connect to new target groups.
Among other things, the online platform “JobZENTRALE” also offers a broad view of current job offers, along with apprenticeships, work placements and opportunities for student trainees.

What does the Leipzig rural district offer employers?

The rural district’s skilled labour alliance has launched numerous campaigns and projects that directly and indirectly benefit companies. The focus is on attracting and retaining workers of various skill levels. The steps taken to make employees qualified for the future directly benefit the companies. The more attractive employees’ career development prospects are, the more likely they are to stay loyal to a company in the long term.

There is a particular focus on promoting the German dual training system, especially as most companies in the district are small or medium-sized. There is a correspondingly varied range of interesting training placements and jobs with a promising future. 

At events for companies, such as the “Unternehmerforum”, “WirtschaftsDialog am Morgen” or “ÜberLandGESPRÄCH”, employers can find out about the latest developments in the district, share ideas and engage in networking.

What does the Leipzig rural district offer in terms of schools and studying?

What’s right for you: vocational training with a regionally based company, or a course at a university or other higher education institute linked to the region? Both are possible in the Leipzig rural district.
Seven vocational school centres offer a wide range of training opportunities, but the universities and other higher education institutes are not far away, either. 

Young people about to embark on a career can also make use of various regional initiatives that help schoolchildren choose a career path and provide practically relevant guidance on careers and higher education.

Many schemes start much earlier, however. For example, the “RobertaRegioZentrum”, run by the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences with the support of the Leipzig Chamber of Industry and Commerce, provides training courses in robotics and programming for teachers at primary and secondary schools. The goal is to introduce children and young people to technology and programming through fun programmes in and out of school, to spark and foster an interest in STEM careers.
The Office of Economic Development for the Leipzig rural district, and the rural district’s coordination centre for careers and higher education guidance (RKO), coordinate careers and higher education guidance schemes and provide regular information on the topic. By this means, graduates can find interesting employers.