Saxony’s higher education institutes

Almost 500 study options in the state – an excellent selection with great prospects.


Culture hits the mark

A thousand years of cultural history culminate in Saxony, one of Europe’s busiest cultural regions.


Space for new ideas

We love creative ideas, and our towns and countryside offer space and opportunities for dreams.


The social, political and economic challenges that face the region are unique and force us to reflect on society, inclusion and sustainability. In essence, that offers great potential for relevant design which Saxony’s young people will be first in line to unlock. Find out more here. Find out more here.

Prof. Jacob Strobel, furniture designer

Find jobs and sidelines in Saxony

Our jobs portals show you everything Saxony has to offer, from side jobs to embarking on a career.


Work-life balance

Job sharing, working from home and new working hours schemes open up many possibilities.


Industrial boom

The branches of industry keep it going, but start-ups get it off the ground – Saxony’s business world is incredibly varied.