Saxony’s creative and cultural industries are made up of almost 75,000 people who bring about local and global change with their artistic potential and creative products. Creativity like that needs space – which is increasingly rare in the state’s big cities. That, too, is something Saxony’s creatives hold the answer to, as the Minister of Economic Affairs discovered on his tour of rural regions. 

Spaces for ideas

The Ore Mountains – innovation meets tradition

This Cultural World Heritage region attracts many bright minds. “WERBÄR”, for example, is a company which manufactures architectural elements such as sustainable cardboard trade fair and exhibition systems. The fact that inventiveness is conquering new spaces is impressively apparent at the old Annaberg municipal baths, now being converted into a venue for markets and events.

Similar, but different creative ideas can be found at “mushroom productions”, the 2018 winner of the Saxon State Award for Design in the “designing crafts” category. Managing Director Steven Busch produces his own sustainable retro-look skis – tailor-made by hand.

Upper Lusatia – no limits on initiative

Upper Lusatia takes on the challenges and opportunities of our changing times with passion, energy and impressive social solidarity. That can be seen from the example of “Löbau lebt”, which actively sets up cultural events, education and youth welfare, co-working offices and makerspaces. The collaborators at Kunstmühle Ludwigsdorf and the Jakobpassage are following a very similar path: both create space for innovative working concepts in Görlitz, working with partners from business and politics. Some have returned to the region especially for this purpose. “Kühlhaus Görlitz”, with its indoor skate park, garage hostels, open workshops and studios for creative workers, is also a unique combination of leisure, culture, tourism and production.

Social, personal commitment and affordable premises show that there is potential for pioneering innovation outside the metropolitan regions – indeed, potential thrives there.