The Saxon labour market mentors

People who have fled their home country to escape war and violence, and are forced to start again from scratch, need social support and connections. One crucial aspect of this is a job, to give them self-esteem and economic independence. The Saxon labour market mentor programme helps refugees from any country of origin who have sufficient language skills and fulfil the legal prerequisites for accessing the labour market.

There are already more than 60 labour market mentors in Saxony. Found in every urban and rural district, they come to the aid of refugees embarking on their career. This involves helping them start necessary vocational training or acquire qualifications, find a job, integrate into corporate processes and deal with visits to the authorities and job interviews.

The mentors also give employers practical assistance and advice as they navigate the integration process, overcoming the hurdles and problems on both sides.

The website provides information on the content and progress of the 14 sub-projects. The Saxon Refugee Council (Sächsischer Flüchtlingsrat e. V.) offers this model project expert backing, supporting the mentors and scientifically analysing what is learned on the project to identify best-practice examples and possible pitfalls.

So far, more than 2,300 people have already taken part in the project. Saxon companies have already recruited 733 refugees, and another 542 have undergone training or obtained proof of their qualifications. In many Saxon companies, the recruitments have been such a success that other refugees have also been employed.

“Legal work under fair conditions, with all employees treated equally” – the BABS motto.

BABS advice centre for international employees in Saxony

This counselling scheme for employees from other EU countries is committed to fair, legal working conditions and is the point of contact for questions on labour law and social legislation. On one hand, this protects workers against exploitation and price dumping; on the other hand, it deters unfair competition.

BABS supports all employees from other EU countries who are seconded to Saxony, who want to work in Saxony or who already work here. Their family members can also be given advice. The scheme is not only available in German and English, but also in Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Czech and Hungarian. BABS has permanent advice centres in Dresden and Leipzig. The scheme is also active throughout Saxony and can be reached by telephone and e-mail.