Since 2015, partners in industry and trade, economic development, the labour market, employee representation, education, research and the local authorities have been working on behalf of the region’s companies and employees to maintain the district’s position in future, and make it even better.

Project presentation


“Locate, recruit, retain” – International skilled labour network


Staff shortages in tourism and healthcare


“Locate, recruit, retain” – International skilled labour network


To reach out to skilled Italian workers back


“Locate, recruit, retain” – International skilled labour network


Organising excursions, language courses and internships; setting up a welcoming policy for migrants


“Locate, recruit, retain” – International skilled labour network


Numerous registrations; launch of next cycles


“Locate, recruit, retain” – International skilled labour network


Service für Personal & Bildung Dr. Müller in Plauen; eurocultura; Dorfner GmbH & Co.KG; PARKHOTEL Helene; König Albrecht Hotel; Vogtland-Klinik Bad Elster; IFA Schöneck Hotel & Ferienpark; Haus am Ahorn in Kottenheide; Schöneck and Bad Elster town council


What does the Vogtland district offer employees?

Newcomers arriving to work and live in the lovely Vogtland are welcomed with open arms and hearts. The people of the Vogtland present themselves to the public in a confident manner – for example with the campaign “Das V sind wir” (“We’re the V”) and the web portal of the same name.

The mainly small and medium-sized companies offer employees flexible working conditions and individual opportunities for personal development. Family-friendliness is an issue that more and more employers consider a matter of course.

Projects run by the rural district’s skilled labour alliance show newcomers and other enquirers where to find homes to rent and buy, or help them choose kindergarten and schools and look for suitable jobs for trailing spouses and partners. On the campaign’s jobs portal, companies working in industry, the trades, services and medicine post suitable vacancies for skilled workers, technicians and engineers in the Vogtland district. Returnees to the district are just as highly valued as new arrivals.

To make the decision easier for skilled workers thinking of coming to the Vogtland, the skilled labour alliance presents some of the employees working in the Vogtland district in the “Zu Hause” section of its portal. The portraits and life stories are as varied as the career opportunities found in the Vogtland.

Project presentation


“Social integration of Vietnamese workers”


Lack of regional nursing and care staff


“Social integration of Vietnamese workers”


Avoid skilled labour shortage; integrate immigrants


“Social integration of Vietnamese workers”


Cooperative project with Vietnamese hospital; strong social integration for immigrants


“Social integration of Vietnamese workers”


Whole class of Vietnamese students introduced at vocational school; cooperative projects extended


“Social integration of Vietnamese workers”


Vogtland skilled labour alliance; AWO Arbeiterwohlfahrt Kreisverband Auerbach/Vogtland e.V.


What does the Vogtland district offer employers?

The future is full of challenges, and not just for the companies in the Vogtland district. The skilled labour alliance aims to offer as much support as possible to those driving the region’s economy. At the “Region in Dialogue” conference, stakeholders, institutes of education and companies from the Vogtland district meet to share their expertise and experience on topics such as recruiting skilled workers or HR management. 

The “Vogtland Ambassadors” spread the news of the successful work carried out by companies in the Vogtland district, sending the clear message to families, young people – and even sceptics – that the Vogtland is a good place to live and work. People who come up with ideas in the Vogtland should be given the chance to try them out. The skilled labour alliance helps them do so by coaching them on how to deal with the authorities at every stage of a business start-up, providing swift, unbureaucratic help for those supporting and searching for skilled workers.

What does the Vogtland district offer in terms of schools and studying?

The skilled workers of the future are already here – in early years childcare, at preschool or school and in universities of applied sciences. The Vogtland district’s economic development office has come up with a number of ideas to keep them in the region. 

Its innovative projects include a campaign that involves Year 3 schoolchildren visiting local tradespeople and trying their hand at their crafts. 

Slightly older, but equally inquisitive schoolchildren can attend the Vogtland’s “children’s university”. The district also takes part in Saxony’s “Schau Rein!” (“Take a Look!”) Open Business Week, whose 2019 motto was “The World of Work: Mission Unknown”. 

At the “Tag der Gymnasien”, regional employers present their companies to future skilled workers on a personal level by sending their employees to schools at upper secondary level to describe their own career paths. Other initiatives designed to interest children and young people in a career in their home region include appearances at the Vogtland training fair and various other trade shows in Saxony. 

Connections between higher education and working practice have already been successfully forged in the Vogtland district thanks to the university of cooperative education. A networking and knowledge transfer centre is being set up in a project encouraging university graduates to pursue a career in the Vogtland district.