Our homeland and family are often inextricably linked. Life revolves around our family, and children are our future. Saxony provides financial support for families in the form of state child benefit. There are also numerous schemes run by volunteers, and family-based education programmes. With good early years institutions and schools, the important task of organising everyday life works well. In Saxony, childcare places are guaranteed.

And after school?

Even if they do not attend school all day, primary-age children are taken good care of in after-school centres known as “Hort”. These are extremely popular among both adults and children in Saxony, offering children an additional educational scheme, and their parents a helping hand on workdays.

How are the children cared for?

Saxony has a good range of early years institutions and daycare. Children have a legal right to a place in childcare from the age of one. According to the law, their parents have a say in the choice of institution. Depending on what places are available, they can choose a childcare institution or childminder to look after their child. The state government is eager to improve even further, following its motto of more time, more staff, more support and more money for early childhood education.

And what about my job?

Every family knows how hard it is to juggle family life and a career. For that reason, many Saxon companies opt for family-friendly staffing practices. The Saxon state has compiled a list of these companies, and offers support for enterprises and employers in the form of advice about balancing a career and a family.