That’s a lot of options – but how do you know which one is right for you? That’s where the Saxon state’s initiative „Schau Rein!“ (“Take a look!”) can help.  

Schoolchildren are given a taster of work in companies: they can see career profiles in action, ask trainees questions and even try working in some of the departments themselves. This is the purpose of the annual careers week, involving numerous Saxon businesses and companies which take on trainees. And, best of all, Saxon schoolchildren can travel the entire public transport network on their taster week using the free SCHAU REIN! ticket. 

Schoolchildren meet companies – and vice versa

Good careers guidance is worth its weight in gold, and not only for career starters – after all, workers are more motivated and produce better results when they enjoy their job and it suits their tastes. Businesses, too, benefit from the SCHAU REIN! initiative: they can come into contact with potential future workers at an early stage, and make their acquaintance informally – rather than only getting to know one another during a job interview. At the careers week, many companies have their trainees speak on their behalf. A helpful exchange of experiences for schoolchildren.

The information portal for students, teachers, parents and trainers

SCHAU REIN! is not just an information portal for schoolchildren: the initiative also helps teachers and parents advise young people. Schoolchildren, teachers, parents and businesses can visit the website for the SCHAU REIN! careers week programme, contact details of the participating companies and useful material to download. And there’s more: lots of additional information on careers guidance in Saxony, practical tips on work placements, how to apply and occupations profiles. Making careers guidance fun!