Saxony is home to a strong business world, good education, internal security, social security and a wide variety of culture. That is the outcome of having a well-functioning state.

For things to stay that way, properly qualified workers are required who can actively help shape the future of Saxony. They need to put their heart and soul into working for the community, with commitment and enthusiasm.

Plenty of good jobs

The Free State of Saxony is one of the main employers and offers a variety of career opportunities. Prospects range from waste and disposal technicians to winemakers. There are also numerous learning, training and higher education options. Opportunities arise in all parts of Saxony.

You help shape Saxony's future!

The umbrella campaign „Mach was Wichtiges“ (“Do something important”) offers information about the various positions available in Saxony’s public service and the attractive working conditions there. It sparks curiosity in the various jobs available working for the state government while simultaneously demonstrating the central role the civil service plays in many areas of our society.

In addition, the state recruits qualified, committed junior staff, skilled workers and managers to work in teaching, the police and the penal system.
Whatever you are interested in, all these career profiles have one thing in common: you will help shape Saxony’s future!