“To me, the key factor behind my move to Görlitz, above all else, was the new position as a lab manager”, explains Stefan Kittlaus, who grew up in Görlitz. “I read about the vacancy at Birkenstock in a newsletter from my old Dresden university, and applied for the post. During the selection process, it gradually became clear how well the position matched my skills and qualifications.”

Having gained a PhD in food chemistry, Kittlaus laid the most important foundations for his new position during the many years he spent working for an international laboratory service provider in Hamburg. At the time, it was a lack of jobs in his home region that led him to leave. Birkenstock’s job offer made him think again: “We aim to considerably extend our skills in the laboratory analysis of key raw materials such as leather here at our facility. What makes this field so important to us is that Birkenstock is a quality brand. I realised as soon as we got in touch that I could really make a difference here.” Stefan Kittlaus has never regretted his decision: “My new job at Birkenstock has thoroughly met my expectations”, he says with satisfaction. “I’m in a global, highly dynamic market environment. Things are possible here that few companies can put into practice.”

"I realised as soon as we got in touch that I could really make a difference here."
Dr. Stefan Kittlaus

As well as his job, what he likes especially about Görlitz is the familiar surroundings and the fact that the children’s grandparents are nearby. “We live right in the centre of Görlitz’s old town, enjoy the many cultural events and love meeting our friends and family here”, the father of two concludes.

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