We’re in Saxony – Here’s What Fellow Polish Citizens Have to Say

Dr med. Anna Leszczynska is a senior physician and consultant in the Clinic and Policlinic for Ophthalmology at Dresden’s University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus. She was born and raised in Wrocław/Poland and has been living together with her husband and child in Dresden/Saxony since 2004.

"I enjoy living in Dresden. It’s such a beautiful city. We even built a house here. I never felt like a stranger or foreigner here because the mentality and also the culture are so similar to my hometown Wrocław.

I love my job at the university hospital. I continue to learn a lot here, we address serious ailments, and the working atmosphere is very pleasant. At first, my German language skills weren’t that good. But the colleagues and the head of the clinic gave me such a warm welcome. They really were a great help.

What I also like here is the health care system. Patients are really well taken care of. And we, as their physicians, have many diagnostic options available which we can use to help our patients.
Of course, I get a little bit homesick from time to time. But my family in Wrocław is just 250 kilometres away. I do visit them quite often – but I call Dresden my home."


An attractive and innovative business venue



Balancing work and family life without any stress



Poland and Saxony are direct neighbours


Saxony – A Great Place to Work in

Saxony is an attractive and highly innovative business location. Every eighth car built in Germany comes from Saxony. Numerous Saxon enterprises are global market leaders in their industrial branches. In 2018, the average gross income in Saxony’s manufacturing trade and in Saxony’s service sector amounted to 3,139 euros – and, considering that the cost of living is at least 30 percent lower than in the UK, you’ll end up with more money in your pocket.

Whether it be small craft businesses, medium-sized enterprises, or large corporate groups – Saxon employers are looking for specialists who want to contribute their share to these companies’ continuous growth. Vibrant and powerful industrial branches such as machine construction and the automobile industry form the backbone of the business venue Saxony. Also health care, biotechnology, and medical technology sectors; the craft, tourism, restaurant, and retail trades as well as the creative industry are all looking for new colleagues.

Have we sparked your interest in Saxony? Do you have any questions regarding employment contracts, leave/holiday entitlements, child benefits, or similar? Then please get in touch with us! Our contact persons at the cross-border job centres of the Agentur für Arbeit, Germany’s Federal Employment Agency, will be happy to assist you with their expertise:


Welcome to Saxony – Here’s What Saxon Employers Have to Say

Bakery, packaging, snack production – there’s a lot to do in René Krause’s bakery business. Four Polish employees are giving him a helping hand in all of this. Their integration went smoothly, and both sides are very satisfied with one another.

"Saxon companies of all branches are desperately looking for skilled specialists – including us in the baker’s trade. That’s why our Polish employees are a great support and a tremendous enrichment for my bakery.

My impression is that, even though they’re very attached to their homeland and maintain their traditions and customs, they love to live here in Dresden. They really appreciate the long-term job security. This security and the Saxon cordiality, which is similar to that of their home country Poland, are the keys to a great, successful cooperation."

Saxony – A Great Place to Live in

Combining work and family life without any stress? That’s very easy here!  Saxony has the best possible childcare and educational systems in all of Germany. And they are affordable for everyone because they are subsidised by the state. While you pursue your professional career, your children are supervised and looked after with loving care literally from the first day of their lives, even in the afternoon. And later on, your children also have exceptional opportunities to shape their future: Perhaps while studying at one of the renowned Saxon universities, or while participating in vocational training at one of the 350 occupations offered within the scope of the dual education system.

Your family needs space? That’s also no problem here, whether it be in the big city or in the countryside:  Saxony offers affordable housing. The average rent for a 100 sqm flat in Saxony amounts to 700 euros – in the UK, the same size flat would cost about twice as much at about 1,300 euros. In addition, Saxony also supports the construction or purchase of your own family home with financial assistance from state funds.

We’re in Saxony – Here’s What Fellow Polish Citizens Have to Say

Agnieszka Bogusz came to Saxony to conduct her research, earned her doctoral degree with a focus on new storage materials in the Free State, and finally stayed here. Today, she contributes her expertise at Infineon in Dresden and really feels great.

"I’ve felt welcome here from day one.  My colleagues have always been very kind and affectionate, open, and helpful, just like everyone else here in Saxony. Originally, I just wanted to stay for a few years, conduct my research, and benefit from the opportunities offered here for my dissertation, but now I wouldn’t want to leave anymore.

I love the relaxed atmosphere; it’s not too crowded and overpriced; within a matter of seconds, I’m amidst the most beautiful nature and just as quickly in museums, cultural institutions, the colourful Neustadt city district, or of course in Poland. While my heart is firmly attached to Cracow, my home is here."

Saxony – A Location Close to the Old Home

In some spots, Poland is literally within walking distance of Saxony. For example, in Görlitz/Zgorzelec, a city located right on the German-Polish border. Poland and Saxony are very close to one another. Old friends and the family are not far away. This gives you lots of room and more time – for your family in Poland, but also for exploring your new home.

Because Saxony has a lot to offer:  Top-class art and culture, a musical landscape which is unparalleled in all of Germany as well as magnificent palaces, castles, and gardens.  Whether it be urban beauty or the distinctive nature of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains and the Ore Mountains or the Lusatian Land of Lakes – Saxony offers a home with a very high quality of life. Come and familiarise yourself with Saxony and find your own favourite personal places!

Görlitz – Probably the most beautiful town in Germany.

We’re in Saxony – Here’s What Fellow Polish Citizens Have to Say

Jaroslaw Kuczynski left Manchester/UK after more than 15 years in September 2019. Before he left, he had found a new job at the BIRKENSTOCK Productions Sachsen GmbH corporation in Görlitz. He now lives together with his family on Görlitz’s other side of the river, in his old hometown Zgorzelec. It only takes him 15 minutes from home to work.  That’s the beauty of everyday life for many Polish people in the European City of Görlitz-Zgorzelec.

"Our daughter is 6 years old. Before she starts school, we’ve considered where we wanted to live in the future.  Of course, the uncertainties associated with the Brexit also played a role in this. The orders in my old firm have declined since February 2019, and the atmosphere worsened. I deliberately searched the internet for a job in Görlitz to be closer to my family again.

When BIRKENSTOCK was recruiting personnel for its quality management, I applied for a job. Just when I was on home leave in Poland, I got a call from the Human Resources Department.  That was quite a short trip to my job interview. Since September 2019, I’ve been working in Görlitz. I really love it here. The weather is better, I love my job, the salary is fantastic, and my colleagues are great. Everything is perfect. I feel right at home here."


Industry and crafts as well as art, culture, and nature – that’s Saxony!

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