Ms Riedel, can you please quickly explain how you got in touch with Mr Kaulfuß? 

I got a call from Mr Claus at Dehoga in Saxon Switzerland.

He knew that we were on the lookout for a new chef and told me that Mr Kaulfuß wanted to return to the district and was looking for a job as a chef. So I quickly contacted him, went over the most important information and agreed to take him on at our hotel on a trial basis. And soon we were signing a contract.

I’d say this is just the right place for returnees.

Time has passed since then. How would you sum things up? 
I like members of the team to stay with us in the long term. We’re a family business and value tradition, consistency and continuity. On their travels, returnees have tested their limits, gained plenty of experience outside their homeland and then made a conscious decision to be here – as has Mr Kaulfuß.


Could you explain further? 
He’s gained insights into different cuisines and worked with different chefs. He knows foods from various regions and different preparation methods, and can think outside the box. Those are valuable experiences. 

Did the team have any reservations about the returnee? 
No, not at all. When it comes down to it, everyone in the team has to do their bit, wherever they are from. The chemistry and rapport have to be right – which is the case here, we’re very happy to report. Mr Kaulfuß feels at ease here. That’s the main requirement if he’s going to stay with us in the future.